artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


Infinity Stage
A publishing House for modern plays and musicals



The Russian Cinderella 


                                    All For Love
                             CAN YOU FEEL THE MOMENT
                             WHEN YOU CHANGE FROM BOY TO MAN?
                             COULD IT BE THAT FATEFUL DAY
                             WHEN SOMEONE TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY?
                             AND NOW IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED
                             SHOULD I USE MY HEAD OR MY HEART?
                             SMITTEN BY A PRETTY STRANGER
                             I’LL BRAVE ANY DANGER
                             BUT WILL I KNOW WHAT I FIGHT FOR--
                             LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, OR
                             CHILDISH FANTASY?
                             DOES THIS MEAN THAT I’VE CHANGED?
                             AM I OLDER AND WISER?
                             WHEN I LOOK IN HER EYES, I’M
                             LOST FOR WORDS
                             THIS ISN’T EASY
                             IF YOU CLIMB A MOUNTAIN
                             SLAY A DRAGON, CROSS A SEA
                             FOR HER LOVE AND HERS ALONE
                             THEN DOES IT MEAN THAT YOU ARE GROWN?
                             BRAVING ALL YOUR DEMONS
                             FIGHTING ALL YOUR DARKEST FEARS
                             THOUGH THE THUNDER ROLLS ABOVE
                             I’D FACE IT ALL FOR LOVE
                             SO IF I WEAR MY HEART ON MY SLEEVE
                             IS IT SAFE TO BELIEVE
                             MY DREAMS MIGHT STILL COME TRUE
                             AND THERE YOU ARE
                             WITH THE FACE OF AN ANGEL
                             CAN’T HELP THINKING IT’S STRANGE HOW
                             LOVE CAN FIND THE CHILD IN YOU.
                             IF MY WORDS ARE TANGLED
                             IF I’M CLUMSY, GIVE ME A CHANCE
                             I ONCE KNEW WHAT TO SAY AND DO
                             BUT NOT TONIGHT, I’M OVERWHELMED BY YOU!
                              We’re Gonna Find Her
                             WELL DON’T JUST STAND THERE,
                             ‘CAUSE THIS IS AN EMERGENCY
                             IT’S A MATTER OF HONOR!
                             SHE’LL COME BACK, JUST WAIT AND SEE
                             DON’T FRET, YOUR MAJESTY
                             WE’LL DO OUR BEST TO FIND HER
                             WE’LL DO OUR BEST . . .
                             TO FIND HER!
                             LET'S ADVERTISE!
                             SAY THE PRINCE WOULD LIKE A WIFE
                             A GIRL WITH JUST ONE SHOE
                             THAT’S THE WORST IDEA YOU’VE EVER HAD!
                             THEY’LL THINK THE PRINCE HAS GONE QUITE MAD!
                             I KNOW, LET’S HIT THE STORES,
                             THEN WE CANNOT LOSE
                             SEE WHICH GIRLS ARE HOPPING
                             THEN SAY “HEY, MA’AM--
                             ARE YOU SHOPPING FOR SHOES?”
                             IF SHE IS HOPPING
                             SHE JUST MIGHT BE SHOPPING FOR SHOES!!
                             STOP WASTING ALL THIS TIME--
                             THIS IS AN EMERGENCY
                             WE HAVE GOT TO FIND HER
                             IF SHE HAS NO MEMORY OF
                             THE PRINCE’S WORDS OF LOVE
                             IT’S OUR DUTY TO REMIND HER.
                             WE MUST FIND HER . .
                             SO WE CAN REMIND HER!
                             Now then, what can we do?  We must look for her!  The Mistress of                                         Ballroom dancing and I know her personally.   We will ride back and forth                               and look through our binoculars.  And you’ll try to catch her with the help                               of this crystal shoe.  I ask you all to do the following:  Catch all the girls                                   that you see and try the slipper on them.  The girl whose foot the slipper                               fits will be the prince’s bride.
                             LOST HEART AND LOST HER SHOE
                             WONDER IF SHE EVEN KNEW
                             WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND HER
                             THIS COULD BE DISASTROUS
                             SO NOW IT’S UP TO US
                             AND WE’RE GONNA FIND HER!
                             WE KNOW WE ARE GONNA FIND HER!
                             WE’RE GONNA FIND THAT GIRL!
            All For Love (reprise)
                             LIKE EACH TINY SNOWFLAKE
                             WAS IT JUST TOO PERFECT TO LAST?
                             THOUGH I FOUND YOUR LOVE, IT SEEMS
                             LAST NIGHT LIVES ONLY IN MY DREAMS
                             MY LIFE’S WITHOUT A PURPOSE
                             TILL THE DAY I FIND YOU AGAIN
                             I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE YOU
                             FOR MY HEART WENT WITH YOU
                             BUT YOU ARE WORTH
                             THIS PAIN THAT I GO THROUGH
                             SOMEHOW I KNOW -- YOU
                             CAN’T BE FAR AWAY
                             YOU’RE THE FIRST AND THE LAST
                             THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER
                             IF I SEARCH THE WORLD OVER
                             THERE’S A CHANCE I’LL FIND YOU SOMEDAY
                             MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU NOW
                             WHAT CAN I DO BUT FOLLOW MY HEART?
                             AND IF WISHES DO COME TRUE
                             PERHAPS MY HEART WILL LEAD ME STRAIGHT TO YOU.
                            Reprise: Men of Higher Quality
                             I THINK LAST NIGHT WAS A RUNAWAY SUCCESS
                             MY DEARS, I THOUGHT THAT I WOULD BURST WITH PRIDE 
                             HE SMILED AT ME
                             WELL, HE SAID ‘HELLO’ TO ME
                             AS LONG AS I’M THE MOTHER OF THE PRINCE’S BRIDE
                             ONE OF YOU HAS WON HIM OVER
                             AW, TOO BAD, SIS
                             HA!  YEAH, TOO BAD FOR YOU!
                             I’M PRETTIER!
                             WELL, I’M SMARTER!
                             GIRLS!  THAT WILL DO!
                             WHEN I TALKED WITH HIM I REALLY MADE HIM LAUGH
                             WITH A FACE LIKE YOURS, I’M NOT SURPRISED
                             I ENRAPTURED HIM, IT’S A QUALITY I HAVE
                             MOMMY, WAS IT ME OR ANNA?
                                                            Anna and Sara
                             YEAH, MOM, IF YOU WERE IN THE PRINCE’S SHOES
                             HOW WOULD YOU KNOW
                             JUST WHICH ONE OF US TO CHOOSE?
                             WE’RE BOTH SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO REFINED
                             HOWEVER CAN THE PRINCE MAKE UP HIS MIND?
                             WHEN HE DECIDES WHICH ONE OF YOU TO WED
                             MAYBE HE’LL GIVE THE LOSER CASH INSTEAD
                                                           Anna and Sara
                             IS THAT WHAT HE SAID?
                                                           Anna and Sara
                             WE BOTH TOOK NOTE OF EVERYTHING YOU SAID
                             WE ONLY JUDGED THE MEN BY THEIR MONEY
                             WE BATTED OUR EYES AND GIGGLED AT THEIR JOKES
                                                           Anna and Sara
                             EVEN WHEN WE THOUGHT THEY WEREN’T TOO FUNNY
                             IT WAS OUR NIGHT TO BAG A HUSBAND
                             AND WEALTH MEANS MORE THAN PERSONALITY
                             WE ONLY AIMED FOR MEN OF HIGHER QUALITY!
                            If the Shoe Fits
                              SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS THROUGHOUT THE LAND
                              MY BABY’S WON THE PRINCE’S HAND
                              NOW WE’LL BE UP WHERE WE SHOULD BE
                              WITH THE CREAM OF SOCIETY!
                              IF WEALTH AND STATUS ISN’T INBRED
                              YOU SIMPLY MARRY IT INSTEAD
                              THAT’S THE THING TO DO, DEAR,
                              AND NOW, THANKS TO THE SHOE
                              IT’S CLEARLY WORKED FOR YOU
                              BUT NOT FOR ME, MOM!
                              I’LL INVITE YOU TO THE PALACE!           
                              KEEPING UP WITH ROYALTY’S  SUCH A BIND
                              IF YOU GET LEFT BEHIND YOU FALL FROM GRACE
                              YOU CAN BEAT SOCIETY AT THE GAME
                              AS LONG AS YOU SCREAM YOUR NAME
                              AND SHOW YOUR FACE!
                              I HEARD THE TRUMPET, DOES IT MEAN
                              THAT YOU HAVE FOUND THE FUTURE QUEEN?
                              PLEASE LET ME THROUGH NOW I MUST SEE
                              MY KINGDOM’S NEW PRINCESS-TO-BE . . .
                           Where is she, the little darling?  Where is she, my daughter?
                            There she is, your majesty!
                                                           King (Confused)
                            Right here, your majesty!
                            But . .  but your majesty, look at her feet, your majesty.
                            Why would I look at her feet?  I can see from her face it’s not her.
                           But the crystal shoe fit, your majesty.
                            So what?  It’s still not her--that much I know.
                              OH NO, YOU DON’T, YOUR MAJESTY
                              THE SHOE’S A PERFECT FIT , IT’S PLAIN TO SEE!
                              A SOVEREIGN’S WORD IS GOLD   
                              AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN TOLD.
                              IF THE SHOE FITS, SHE’LL WEAR IT!
                              HOW CAN I EVER BEAR IT?
                              WHAT POSSESSED ME TO HAVE MADE SUCH A VOW
                              I HAVE A STRANGE FEELING I’LL REGRET IT NOW!
                              THOUGH THE KING IS REALLY GOOD AND KIND,
                              IT’S CLEAR TO SEE THAT HE HAS LOST HIS MIND!
                              THERE MUST BE OVER A HUNDRED GIRLS WHO
                              PLEASE, DEAR LADY, DON’T DO THIS TO ME
                              SHE’S NOT THE ONE, IT’S PLAIN TO SEE
                              THIS GIRL IS BLONDE AND FAR TOO TALL
                              SHE’S NOT THE SAME GIRL AT ALL

                              YOU CAN’T BACK OUT, YOUR MAJESTY
                              DON’T GROVEL! WHERE’S YOUR DIGNITY?
                              THE DEED IS DONE, WE ALL HAVE SEEN
                              THE SHOE HAS FIT THE FUTURE QUEEN
                              IS HER  FOOT THE PERFECT SIZE?
                                                    Anna (Moaning in pain)
                              Well . . . sort of.
                              FACE THE FACTS, THE SEARCH IS OVER, THE SHOE FITS
                              THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT CALL IT QUITS!
                              HOW COULD THINGS HAVE TURNED OUT SO BAD
                              I HAVE A FEELING I’VE BEEN HAD!
                               NOW THAT THE KING IS UP AGAINST THE WALL
                               THE MONASTERY’S NOT SUCH A BAD IDEA . . .
                               AFTER ALL!

                              Not Going to Be Easy
                                   Mistress of Ballroom Dancing
                              FOLLOW ME
                              AND WE’LL SEE
                              JUST WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF
                              DON’T BE SHY 
                              HAVE A TRY
                              DON’T BE AFRAID
                              IS THIS RIGHT?
                                      Mistress of Ballroom Dancing
                              NO, NOT QUITE
                              I CAN SEE
                              THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY.
                              WATCH ME NOW
                              THIS IS HOW
                              YOU SHOULD DO A PL’IE
                              OH DEAR!
                              NO DEAR!
                              BEND FROM THE KNEE!
                              THIS WILL NOT BE QUITE SO EASY I FEAR
                              NEVER MIND, FOR I LIKE A CHALLENGE DEAR
                              DON’T MAKE
                              EACH STEP YOU TAKE
                              SO LOUD AND HEAVY
                              JUST WAIT TILL I’M A ROYAL BRIDE
                              DANCING WILL BE BANNED, IT’S SO POINTLESS AND DUMB!
                              AND IF THAT’S UNFAIR
                              I DON’T CARE!
                              WATCH HER JUMP!
                              WHAT A LUMP!
                              DANCES LIKE A ROCK!
                              POOR PRINCE!
                              WON’T HE WINCE!
                              BOUND TO GET A SHOCK!
                                 Mistress of Ballroom Dancing
                              NOT LIKE THAT!
                              BOTH FEET FLAT!
                              OH DEAR ME
                              THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY
                              ELEGANCE, WHEN YOU DANCE
                              THAT’S WHAT REALLY COUNTS
                              STEPPING LIGHT
                              LEFT AND RIGHT
                                       Mistress of Ballroom Dancing
                              NO DEAR, THAT’S A FLOUNCE!
                              NO ONE SAID THAT THIS WOULD BE EASY I KNOW
                              TRY AND SMILE, RELAX AND JUST TAKE IT SLOW
                              LIGHT, THINK LIGHT, LIGHT AS A FEATHER
                              FAT CHANCE
                              YOU DANCE
                              JUST LIKE A HEIFER!
                              Happy Ever After (finale)
                             ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL
                             FOR ZOLUSHKA AND THE PRINCE.
                             AND THE PAST FORGIVEN
                             LET’S SHAKE HANDS AND ALL BE FRIENDS
                             SO WHEN THIS STORY ENDS
                             WE CAN GO ON LIVIN’
                             HAPPILY ….. EVER AFTER
                             I WAS JUST A STEP AWAY FROM A LIFE OF LUXURY
                             THEN IT’S SNATCHED AWAY BEFORE OUR EYES!
                             DON’T EVEN GET A CONSOLATION PRIZE
                                                         Fairy Godmother      
                             CAN’T SEE THE WONDERS AT YOUR FEET
                             WITH NOSES IN THE AIR
                             MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING
                             IT IS TO US!
                             LADIES, PLEASE DON’T DESPAIR
                             THE PRINCE HAS DOZENS
                             OF DISTANT COUSINS
                             TO SPARE
                              Where?  Where?
                             LONG LIVE THE PRINCE AND HIS NEW WIFE
                             LET’S BRING THIS TOWN TO LIFE
                             WITH THE SOUND OF PEOPLE SINGING
                             HAPPILY EVER AFTER
                             OH, BY THE WAY, MY CHILD
                             ALL THOSE THINGS WE SAID
                             THEY WERE ONLY MEANT IN FUN
                             DON’T CROSS US OFF YOUR GUEST LIST, HON
                             STEPMOTHER, NEVER FEAR, I FORGIVE YOU ALL
                             WHO HAS THE UPPER HAND NOW?
                             THE OLD GIRL LOST
                             NOW IT’S HER TURN TO CRAWL
                             DIDN’T KNOW THAT ZOLUSHKA
                             WOULD BE THE BELLE OF THE BALL!
                             LET’S THROW A PARTY CUZ I’M SO HAPPY I COULD CRY
                             IT’LL BE A RIOT
                             WE’LL BE HIGH SOCIETY
                             WE’LL LIVE IN LUXURY
                                                                        Forest Keeper (spoken)
                            …And I’ll get some peace and quiet!
                             WE’LL LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER
                             WE’LL LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER….AFTER ALL!
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