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Who We Are

A scene from "Confessions of a Character Actor" by Aaron Leventman.  Photo by Peter Sills.

Steven W Rodgers  (artistic director) is a playwright, composer, arranger , satirist, textbook author and lyricist, with dozens of plays and hundreds of songs to his credit.  His first play won the Ozark Writers League Award for best play of the year, and was subsequently produced at a number of theatres, including at the Nat Horne Theatre in New York City.  He has since written a number of full-length musicals, each with accompanying professional soundtracks, including Rodgers and Christopher's Cinderella, featuring Rock-Blues group The Nighthawks lead guitarist Paul Bell and bassist Johnny Castle, Broadway's Ashley Park (Mamma Mia/The King and I) as Cinderella, and Mike Shiflett (Spielberg's Lincoln, Netflix's House of Cards) as the King.   His first musical,  Revolutionary Gentleman, is a tongue-in-cheek, behind-the-scenes look at the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of Benedict Arnold with additional lyrics by Carolyn Tracy.  In collaboration with British lyricist Wendy Christopher, he also wrote  Rodgers and Christopher's Cinderella, a cynical, hip version of the classic tale, with 18 brand new songs.  He is currently working on a new comedy The KGB Takes Up Interior Decorating,  and No Trifling With Love,  a musical based on the 19th Century romantic tragicomedy by French playwright, Alfred de Musset.  You can see his YouTube channel here:

Mikyong Rodgers (resident artist)  is originally from South Korea.  She has sold her original watercolors and oil paintings to patrons from around the world.  She paints in nearly every medium and virtually any style, from abstract to impressionism.  She holds a BFA in painting from a Korean University and an MBA from Mary Washington University.  She designs the cover art and sets for all our shows.  She illustrated the English textbook All Write Already, the English conversation game Say What? and is currently illustrating the children's book Suri Raccoon's Magnificent Adventure. Her work can be seen here at Mikyong Galleries,  

Carolyn Tracy (resident dramaturg) is a composer, playwright, librettist, poet, singer, actor, lyricist and novelist.  Her first play was produced by Firehouse Theatre in Portland Oregon and she has since written a dozen plays and musicals, and over a hundred songs that have been produced across the country, including the full length musical In Like With Me, the one-act musical A Kiss Don't Cost a Penny, and the cabaret Two-Bit Ham Actress, which she originally performed at Chez Robert Dinner Theatre, Salem, Oregon.  She co-wrote the lyrics to the musical Revolutionary Gentleman, which was produced at the University of Virginia. Her musical A Moment Ago,  played to sold-out audiences, and dealt with the Pioneers of Salem, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  Most recently, she has written a young adult, coming-of-age novel, Pulling Taffy
Antonina Rodgers (House Manager) is a translator, librettist, lyricist and dramaturg.   She has written, translated and adapted several plays, including Snow Queen.  She is the librettist for Rodgers and Christopher's Cinderella, which was performed at Ernst Theatre in Annandale, Virginia and Arlington Children's Theatre, Shirlington, Virginia.   In addition to her writing duties, Tonia is in charge of tickets, programs, publicity and acts as advisor to Infinity Stage.
Jeff Wolf (sound engineer/drummer)  brings decades of experience as a musician, engineer, and music director.  He is currently the owner of Stillwaters Studio of Marshall, Virginia.  You can find out more about him from his website here: