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Morley Shulman 


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by Michael Perlmutter


 cast: 1m,1w,1either  

running time: 10 minutes  

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"Perlmutter’s piece is incredibly
        knowing and ironic. But rather than being          insufferable, they use the metaphysical set-up
   to their advantage. Within Surprise, Perlmutter explores ego and interests in a very satisfying and surprisingly deep fashion. What’s more, even when you think the reveals are over and done with, there’s more. Overall, it’s a very smart and clever little piece with comic turns and soul-reaching poignancy."   JWaygood.   
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A black box setting.  A table, two chairs; and CINDY is led on by TED, blindfolded to her seat, where a bottle of wine and the next ten minutes await.  TED leads the audience into a holler of “SURPRISE” as the blindfold comes off.  What follows is a bit more unexpected.


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      "A good play should always surprise us.
            This play does just that, page after page, with          unexpected stage images and actions. The
  concept, the play within the play, and the theatricality of breaking up is definitively a hook for the reader."
- Asher Wyndham