artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


Infinity Stage
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Small Things

Cary Pepper


cast: 2m,0w  

 running time: 32 minutes  

 Themes of suicide;  language 

With no money, no job, and no hope that things will get better, Hoyt is calmly sitting in his apartment with a loaded pistol, getting ready to pull the trigger. That is when the doorbell rings and standing there is Drew, who is going door-to-door proselytizing for the Assembly of Hubristic Evangelicals, the One True Faith that has the One True Answer as revealed in the One True Book. But it doesn't take Drew long to reveal that he is quitting the Assembly because he is gay, which, to them, is an abomination. Talk about crises of faith  ...  Then Hoyt reveals the pistol. And Drew's real missionary work begins, as he tries to talk Hoyt out of killing himself.  
Copyright © 2006 by Cary Pepper.

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