artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


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                 Revolutionary Gentleman
                               The Rock Opera                 
                                                                  Book, music & lyrics by Steven W Rodgers  
                             THE ROCK OPERA                                                               Additional lyrics by Wendy Christopher

short plays

Bill's Funeral

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 


 England, Gordon & Lisa Farall        comedy      1m/4w                       

The Bench

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

 Fell, Paula        comedy      2m/2w                     

Bridge and Tunnel

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

 Flanagan, Anne      comedy   1m/2w                

Black Friday

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

 MacGregor, David      comedy           3w                     

Bard Beyond Belief

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

 Pelham, Tony       comedy         1m/1w/1 either                     

The Boy

 Leventman, Aaron     drama                  2m                   

Confession Air

 Konkel, Matthew         comedy      2m/2w                     


Causa Mortis...or...The Medical Student

  Appel, Jacob M.      tragic-comedy      6w                    

Confessions of a Character Actor

 Leventman, Aaron     dramedy    1m/1w                     


 Proctor, Roy       docu-drama       5m/2w                     

Dark Shadows Become Light

 Fogan, Lance       drama    1m/3w                     

The Exes

 Corbin, Gary         comedy       2m/2w                     


Face Time

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

 Hoke, Donna       comedy      2w                     

The Exchange Student

 Rodgers, Steven W       comedy       1m/2w                        


Holy Mary, Mother of God, Takes a Holiday

 Rodgers, Steven W      comedy         0m/2w                        

The Gargoyle

 Brown, H.G.          drama       2m/4w                         

 'The Gargoyle," play by H.G. Brown, watercolor by Mikyong Rodgers               

The Jeep Wave

 Brown, H.G.         comedy      1m/1w                     


Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

Just That Sort of Day

 Caldwell, Lawson      comedy      2m/1w                     

In the Garden of Eden with Frank and Mindy

 Rodgers, Steven W       comedy          1m/1w                        

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

I Got You, Babe

 Mariani, Anthony       comedy          1m/1w                        


Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

 Korbar, Steven     comedy        2m/2w 


Rainbow Sprinkles

 Lane, Stacey       comedy           1m/1w                     

Paradise Yule

 Gravelle, Henry P.            drama       13m/4w                     

Poetry Tonight

 Brown, H.G.      drama       2m/3w                     

P.S. I Love Your Daughter

 Corbin, Gary           comedy       3m/1w                     

Poe-tic Justice

 Horowitz, Susan       comedy-drama       1m/1w                     

Pizza Place

 Ryals, Larry   absurdist comedy            10m/8w                     

Rage Against the Machine

 Gilhooley, Jack       comedy       1m/1w                     

Paper Planes

 Pisaturo, Michael      drama      1m/1w                     

Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 


 Perlmutter, Michael      comedy  1m/1w/1 either                     



 Gravelle, Henry P.    comedy         3m/1w                     

Third Window From the Right

 Mariani, Anthony L.     comedy -drama    1m/1w                        

Shattered Shakespeare

 Don Grimme        parody       3m/2w                     

Small Things

 Pepper, Cary       comedy-drama       2m                    

She Loves St. Pete

 Brown, H.G.       comedy      1m/1w                     

Storms, Sheets & Showtunes

 Lane, Stacey     dark comedy                3m/3w                     

The Test

 Megill, Carl      comedy      1m/1w                     


Winner!  2018   10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 

The Unfortunate Teller

 Dunne, Jeff     comedy      1m/1w                     

Walk, Don't Walk

 Konkel, Matthew              comedy      2m                   

The Yarn


 Mullen, Scott            comedy -drama            3m/1w