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Plays and Musicals
                by Steven W Rodgers

No Trifling With Love

Revolutionary Gentleman

A Musical Tragic-Comedy
        cast of 7 (4m,3w)

A Musical Tragic-Comedy
       cast of 8 (4m,4w)

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Revolutionary Gentleman is a satirical, behind-the-scenes look at the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of Benedict Arnold.  A very popular figure in Colonial America, Ben is on track to become second-in-command of the Continental armed when his chances are sabataged by the peevish Mr. Reed, president of the supreme council.  To make matters worse, his new, young wife, Peggy is having an affair with a British intelligence officer and the two will stop at nothing to get Ben on their side.  Based on the true story.

Based on the play by 19th century French playwright and poet, Alfred de Musset, No Trifling WIth Love deals with a befuddled baron's attempt to marry off his son , Antoine, and his niece, Camille, all the while having to contend with a  gluttonous priest, Father Bridaine, his son's drunken tutor, Master Blazius, and Camille's irrascible, overly pious governess, Dame Pluche. Things take a turn for the worse when Camille seems cold to the idea of marriage and for comfort, Antoine turns to Camille's younger sister, Rosette.

Zolushka: The Russian Cinderella

The Will to Get Married

A Musical Comedy 
Cast of 14 (6m,8w)

A Zany Comedy
Cast of 6 (3m,3w)

Zolushka is the Russian version of the classic Cinderella tale, based on the play by famed Russian writer, Yevgeny Shavarts.  In this version, the stepmother is married--to Zolushka's father, the Forest Keeper, who is a brave warrior in the forest, but is reduced to a quivering coward when confronted by his wife.  The  befuddled King, always sticking his foot in his mouth, throws down his crown whenever he doesn't get his way --which is pretty much all the time--and threatens to go join a monastery. Meanwhile, as expected, the Stepmother tries in vain to groom her two hopelessly inept daughters to become the Prince's bride.

The Will to Get Married is a zany comedy trilogy on love and death, including a man whose fiancee is dead, but decides to go through with the wedding anyway; a man who discovers that his mistress is having an affair with his own wife; and a woman who is trying to hold her marriage together, with the help of a sex therapist she found online, an old woman who has been hitchhiking from Akron Ohio, a farmer from Alabama who just stopped in to use the bathroom, and a clueless 3rd year med student named Muffin.