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O​ne-Act Plays

​Natalia Mock and Rafael Petlock ​in "Rage Against the Machine"  by Jack Gilhooley. Directed by Carole Kleinberg at Starlite Players (FL); Jo Morello, Producing Artistic Director. Photo by Michael J. Kinsey. 

Pizza Place           Larry Ryals


​​absurdist comedy   10m,8w       65 minutes       $5.95/script      $60/performance   ​​

The employees of a pizzeria are issued an ultimatum to increase their daily sales average to $1000 within 3 days or they will be fired and the store will be converted to a tomato holding annex.​The crew brainstorms and comes up with schemes such as selling a $1000 pizza to Rupert Murdoch and marketing to a pot smokers’ convention. 

The Test           Carl Megill

comedy   1m,1w       20 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance   adult content

A young professional couple await the results of a home pregnancy test.

"The Test" just won the 2016 Naples (Florida) Players New Play Contest.

Camerados            Roy Proctor


Docu-drama    5m,2w       50 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance  
“Camerados” details the relationship between Walt Whitman, the 19th century American poet, and Peter Doyle, an Irish immigrant who became the love of Whitman’s life.

Dark Shadows Become Light        Lance Fogan


drama          1m,3w           25 minutes           $5.95/script         $50/performance  
A middle-aged woman’s first meeting with her elderly, mentally-ill mother after nearly a half century.
            It was 1950, the mother’s perilous paranoid schizophrenic cruelties endangered her two young children and her husband and could no longer be tolerated. The husband subsequently “protected” his children by preventing all communications between the children and their institutionalized mother into their middle-aged adulthood! He had been counseled that it would be “best” to shield the children. The sequestered hospital records and letters were finally handed over to the daughter. This led to the first visit with her mother in the asylum after forty-seven years.

The Gargoyle            by  H.G. Brown


drama    2m,4w       60 minutes       $5.95/script      $40/performance   for university and community theatre 
During a rebellion, the King and his family are holed up in a cathedral.  They are hungry, they wear rags, they despise the King, and all wait for a message of deliverance.

Watercolor by Mikyong Rodgers

Rage Against the Machine      by Jack Gilhooley


comedy    1m,1w       30 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance  
Chantel claims she killed Robbie the Robot in self-defense because he molested her—and she has the evidence to prove it. She tries to convince attorney Gerald that she can’t be charged with murder since the robot never lived.

Shattered Shakespeare         by  Don Grimme


parody    3m,2w       40 minutes       $5.95/script      $50/performance  

Five actors gather onstage to portray eight characters in a muddled tale told to them by the drunken poet Willie Liam Shakes-beer.

Watercolor by Mikyong Rodgers

Paradise Yule         by  Henry P. Gravelle


historical drama   9 actors of color (5m,4,w), 8 white men       30 minutes       $5.95/script      $50/performance  
Christmas Eve on a southern Plantation is turned upside down by a visiting Charlatan who barters a medicinal potion with the Master's son for one of the girl slaves.

Poetry Tonight         by  H.G. Brown


 2m,3w         30 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance     appropriate for all audiences
The quarterly poetry reading at a library (Anytown, USA), where ordinary people, who are at once petty and generous, mean-spirited and compassionate, reveal a touch of the poet glowing in their souls.

Causa Mortis ... or ... "The Medical Student"    by  Jacob M. Appel


tragicomedy       6w,0m       60 minutes       $5.95/script      $40/performance  

When Eleanor Powell was a teenager, she underwent surgery for a benign brain tumor.  Unfortunately, the surgeon had accidentally left his wristwatch inside her skull.  Now, forty years later, that watch is a ticking time bomb!

Watercolor by Mikyong Rodgers

Poe-tic Justice       by  Susan Horowitz


comedic drama       1m,1w       30 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance     
A graduate student and her professor are engaged in a taboo affair, and both share an obsession with Edgar Allan Poe.

Artwork by Susan Horowitz

Small Things        by Cary Pepper


comedy-drama     2m,0w      32 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance     appropriate for all audiences Disclaimers:  serious issues of suicide and religion; language

With no money, no job, and no hope that things will get better, Hoyt is calmly sitting in his apartment with a loaded pistol, getting ready to pull the trigger. That is when the doorbell rings and standing there is Drew, who is going door-to-door proselytizing for the Assembly of Hubristic Evangelicals, the One True Faith that has the One True Answer as revealed in the One True Book.  
Copyright © 2006 by Cary Pepper.

The Exes        by  Gary Corbin


comedy      2m,2w      35 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance     appropriate for all audiences  

Two divorced couples crisscross their romantic paths and hook up with each others' exes without realizing it until it is too late and wedding bells start to chime. The Exes is a story about letting go of failed relationships and allowing new love to replace and heal the hurt that can keep us stagnant.

P.S. I love Your Daughter      by  Gary Corbin


comedy      3m,1w       40 minutes       $5.95/script      $30/performance     
A middle aged man falls for his best friend's 30-something daughter.   This play examines what happens when the all-too-rare close friendships between men stumble over family and romance.