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Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


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                 Revolutionary Gentleman
                               The Rock Opera                 
                                                                  Book, music & lyrics by Steven W Rodgers  
                             THE ROCK OPERA                                                               Additional lyrics by Wendy Christopher


Mike Shiflett


Home Base:  Virginia
Skills:  actor, singer, musician, songwriter
Ideal Age Range:  55-65
Union Status:  SAG-Aftra
Contact Information: Talent One Agency    Ann/Rudy Green     919-872-4828

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When I See You

Everything You Are

Hunter Hoffman


Home Base:  NYC
Skills:  actor
Ideal Age Range:  20-30
Union Status:  SAG eligible
Contact Information: Email: (Manager, Jaime Baker) [email protected]

Hunter Hoffman is a New York City based actor and a graduate of The Neighborhood Playhouse. This summer he will be making his Off-Broadway debut in The Public Theater's Troilus and Cressida in Shakespeare in the Park. Recent theatre credits include Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet (South Brooklyn Shakespeare); Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice (Gallery Players); Pepper/Carp in Golden Boy (Secret Theater). Film/TV Credits include Hunting Season (LogoTV), Real Dreams (ItMatters Productions), and The Attraction of Nipples.

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Lance Windish

Home Base:  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Skills:  actor and clown/circus performer
Ideal Age Range:  35-50
Union Status:  non-union
Height: 5'9"
​weight: 160 lbs.
Contact Information:   [email protected]
[email protected]

Lance's experience runs the gamut from Circus to Shakespeare.  Favorite credits include:  Cirque Du Soleil, the Late Show with David Letterman, Lincoln Center, and his work with the Faux-Real Theater Company.

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Josh Coleman


Home Base:  Astoria, New York
Skills:  actor
Ideal Age Range:  20-30
Union Status:  non-union
Contact Information:   508-815-9874

My name is Josh Coleman, I completed the Actor Apprenticeship for the Powerhouse Theater at Vassar College. I received a BA in Theater Arts from Plymouth State University. My. Currently living in Astoria, NY, pursuing a career as an Actor and Writer. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Adam Dodway


Home Base:  NYC
Skills:  actor
Ideal Age Range:  20-30
Union Status:  AEA, SAG-AFTRA
Contact Information: Manager: Diana Prano
Multimedia Talent Management
(212) 960-8241
[email protected]

Roles include Luke (An Apartment in Purgatory), Captain (Sleepy Hollow) with Emerging Artists Theatre, Bobby (Small Craft Warnings) and Ben (Look Homeward, Angel) both with Mother of Invention, directed by Austin Pendleton. Film: Vultures, directed by L.A. Teodosio. NYU Steinhardt and HB Studio.

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Joe Cummings


Home Base:  New York
Skills:  actor, singer  
Union Status:  Sag-Aftra
Contact Information: [email protected]

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 Joe's Resume

John Anantua


Home Base:  NYC
Skills:  actor
Ideal Age Range:  18-25
Union Status:  non-union
Contact Information:   516-497-3555    [email protected] 

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Eric Nelson


Home Base:  New York City, open to travel or relo.
Skills:  acting
Ideal Age Range:  50-60
Union Status:  Non-union
Contact Information: [email protected]  or tel. text 973-610-6264

Geovanni Cedeno

Skills:  Spanish, Horseback Riding, Rapier + Dagger, Tuba and Guiro player, Armed/Unarmed/Street fighter                        
Dialects: New York , Southern , Italian , Chicano English / Spanish 
Age Range: 17 - 25

Status:   Non Union
Contact information: [email protected]    347-495-9202

After graduating from AMDA and The Simon Studio , he has worked with award winning artists such as Will Smith , Mary Dimino , Jade Bryan , and Pierre Dulaine. Credits include Henry V , Tossed Salad , All The Kings Men , The 15 Minute Hamlet , The Little Flower of East Orange , and Jolly Roger . Tv credits include Zagat , TransferWise , NBC News , KittyCiti : The Kitty Series , Logic : The Webseries , and Talk it Out Radio . So far in his career he has earned a First Degree Black Belt , Multiple Ballroom Dancing Championships , a Regents Diploma , and 3 Off Broadway Credits.

Devin Teer

Home base  Las Vegas, NV
Skills:  Acting, swimming, rowing
Age Range: 20-30

Status:   Non Union
Contact information: 
[email protected]    (740) 516-0718

Currently living in Las Vegas, originally born and raised in the small town of Marietta Ohio. Went to college at the University of Arizona  on a swimming scholarship, after graduation I moved to LA for modeling, and to pursue a career in acting. Moved to Las Vegas due to a career opportunity while still pursing my dream of acting.  


Gego Mak

Home base  Glendale, CA
Skills:  Acting, modeling
Age Range: 20-30

Status:   Non Union
Contact information: 
[email protected]


Thomas F. Crockett

Home base  New York City
Skills:  Acting, singing (bass)
Age Range: 60-70

Status:   Sag-Aftra
Contact information: 
[email protected]    347-268-8250