artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


Infinity Stage
A publishing House for modern plays and musicals



by Ron Morley



cast:  3m,3w

Mickey MacCown is the manager of a fast food restaurant who has just committed an act of work place heroics.  He has also apparently hired a witch. This witch predicts his rise to the top of the restaurant’s hierarchy among other things.  With those predictions and some commentary from his assistant manager/wife in mind, Mickey is now convinced he is destined to rule the franchise… but at what cost!
                His rise in the ranks of the restaurant’s corporation coincide with his departure from the morals of his past life.  Aided by his wife and a hunchback fry cook, Mickey stumbles through crime after crime and hilariously transforms the look and culture of his restaurant along the way.  Wait until you find out what he’s done with the menu!
                The wise-cracking witch in his employ has more predictions, however, and Mickey must do more and more to deal with them.  In the end, you’ll find him so much like the title character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth that you’ll swear its bad luck to say MacClown in a fast food restaurant!

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