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Morley Shulman 


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Happy Anniversary

by Gary Corbin


cast:  1m,1w, 1 any

 78 minutes

 Some appropriate for all audiences


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Robert and Beth meet for dinner on the first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries of their divorce.  Still civil,  though just barely, the couple tries to salvage a friendship from the ashes of their ruined marriage. Arguments over the choice of wine, whether to share their food and Robert's playboy past turn the first dinner into disaster. Nevertheless, Robert persists and the couple repeats the experiment on the fifth and tenth anniversaries of their divorce as well.  Nosy waiter Anton, who serves them all three meals, punctuates their conversation with well-timed interventions guaranteed to elicit the most information he can gather and outbursts from the frustrated couple.  Happy Anniversary is about the ways we cling to fading hopes and romanticized memories from past loves, long after the relationships have failed and how we can learn from those failures so we can love healthily once again.

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