artwork by Mikyong Rodgers

Renowned Canadian Playwright
Morley Shulman 


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2018 10 x 10 x Infinity             Short Play Festival

A scene from the rehearsal of the New York production of "The Will to Get Married," by Steven W Rodgers, with Winifred, a crazy hitchhiker, played by Judy Bruno Bennett*, and a ditzy med student, Muffin, played by Kalista Tazlin.         *appears courtesy Actors' Equity Association
Infinity Stage presents the 2018
10 x 10 x Infinity Short Play Festival

Four roles remain to be cast:  in The Bench, the parts of Liz, a middle aged female shopper and Josie, a tough sales clerk (30-60);   in Bard Beyond Belief, a retired couple (m/f) visiting a Shakespearean-themed nursing home.  Send resume and headshot ASAP to [email protected]

Performances: April 20th and 21st at 8:00 PM at Epicure Cafe, 11104 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, Virginia 22030.  Tickets will be available in March on Epicure's website.

QUESTIONS?    EMAIL:  [email protected]

The Bench    
Written by Paula Fell
Directed by  Jake Young

characters:  a middle-aged couple, an elderly man and a strong, tough woman
theme:  man gets valuable lessons about shopping with his wife

Black Friday    
Written by David MacGregor
Directed by:  Rae Venna

Characters:  a mother, daughter and a sleepy waitress
Theme: mother and daughter strategize at 4 a.m. to get the most out of their shopping experience

Bard Beyond Belief   
Written by Tony Pelham
Directed by:  Chuck Delong
Characters:  a retired couple and a salesperson
Theme: couple argue over whether a senior home for Elvis lovers, or one with a Shakespearean theme is more appropriate

Bard script