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Back Channel

by Joseph T. Vitale

 drama                3 m              80 minutes.       

It is October 1962 and the world is on the brink of nuclear war. The Soviet Union has placed missiles with atomic warheads in Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S., and President John F. Kennedy has demanded that they be removed. He has also ordered a naval blockade of the island, which Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev has vowed to defy. With humanity facing Armageddon, two men meet for lunch in a restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. One is a television reporter, John Scali. The other is a Soviet embassy official, Alexander Fomin, who, in reality, is a KGB spy named Alexander Feklisov. Each man, it turns out, is being used as a “back channel” by his respective government in an attempt to resolve the crisis. Out of the glare of the media and in opposition to the intransigent, “official” positions of their governments, Scali and Feklisov try to work out a deal. But is each man who he says he is? With the fate of the world at stake and the clock ticking, can they learn to trust one another? And, most importantly, will they have enough time?

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Sweet Lorraine            by Lawrence Dukore

Fantasy         3m,1w         75 minutes             Appropriate for all audiences

Sweet Lorraine is a daydream but, like all fantasies, it is based on reality. A widower is mourning the loss of his wife. Suddenly a wizard --more like a genie -- materializes and gives him one wish; a gift!  The widower wants to go back in time so that he may start over with the girl who would become his wife.  The play's theme:  Be careful what you wish for.

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water color by Mikyong Rodgers

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