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For many attorneys, the intensity of the court room can add an extra stress factor to an already overwhelming profession. How each person handles the burdens of work is unique to them, but for Robert Beard of Vanderpool, Frostick, & Nishanian, it comes by way of a unique transformation: from lawyer to thespian.
Robert Beard begins his days in court, fighting on behalf of children in abusive environments. For Robert, the tensions that accumulate in court seem to melt away under the bright lights of the stage, where he feels as though he is being reset for the next day’s work. 
As a young theater major in North Carolina, Robert was studying how to perform under pressure. It was then that he found himself in a courtroom at the suggestion of one of his professors, witnessing attorneys working under pressure like he’d never seen before. As the day went on, Robert began to see intriguing similarities between the stage and the courtroom. The attorneys demanded the attention of the jury, rather like an actor garners the rapt attention of an audience. 
“I was so fascinated by the whole thing, that after I got out of the army, I began the pursuit of law”, says Beard. After years of focusing on law, Robert recently reconnected with his love of theater. He has performed in six productions over the past few years, and recently filled the role of Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady, at the Riverside Center Theater in Fredericksburg. With his feet planted firmly back on the stage, Robert feels that his evenings spent entertaining give him a renewed fervor for his day job.
Patrick A’Hearn, the Producing Artistic Director of the Riverside Center Theater, who has worked with Robert in several productions stated, “Bob is just a consistent pro. He has this great command to his voice, which is something he needs for both stage and court. He understands how to use words to appeal to the emotion of the audience—and he uses that skill with the court, too.” 
As Robert considers how his “hobby” has impacted his work, he states that, “refocusing on something creative is helpful, it gives me more energy.” He goes on to say that, “…something we talk about in the theater is concentration; you have to be intensely focused on what you’re doing on stage, and for me, that translates back to the courtroom.”
“I love doing live performances, I always have. What I loved about the theater, I put to work in the courtroom. I think more lawyers should think about getting up on the stage.” 

Robert Beard (Benedict Arnold)

Julie Marie Britt
Peggy Arnold

Mike Baker, Jr.
Mr. Reed


                                                                                            got into performing because she saw one of her older brothers in a production of "The Hobbit" and thought "Pfft...I can do that!" Thanks to sibling rivalry, Jackie found her passion and has been a professional actor in the DMV area for two years.  Jackie's performance history includes pre-pubescent boys, animals, and inanimate objects. She's very excited to be playing her gender and species this time around. On stage, Jackie enjoys tripping and falling face first during entrances, spinning and slamming directly into set pieces, dropping props that are essential to the plot, having wigs fly off of her head during spins, and of course, getting gymnastic ribbons stuck in tree branches. All of these things really happened to her during performances.  When not on stage, Jackie enjoys yakking on the phone with her mother, listening to podcasts about serial killers, feminism, or are produced by NPR, and watching documentaries about Scientology. She also enjoys downhill skiing, attempting to write plays, and walking around DC letting her mind wander. For more of her shenanigans, check out Jackie's website here: 

Jackie Madejski  (Josephine),

Liz Colandene

Noah Beye
Maj. John Andre

                                                                                                            a native of Long Island, New York,  grew up in an environment filled with church music. The church was instrumental in her growth as a musician by providing many opportunities to learn, grow and lead various performing art related activities. From a young age she sang in church choirs, and school productions. She knew by high school that she wanted to make music a part of her life and career going forward. In high school she studied AP music classes and performed with an award winning show choir, going on to study at the collegiate level at Virginia Commonwealth University as a voice major. She found the most support for her gift from those already in the field of music and was nurtured by many accomplished music teachers, all of whom she is most fond. She became a music teacher herself and successfully taught elementary school music in the public schools, leading choral and music theatre productions for the youth. In her spare time as a teacher she pursued more musical ventures by singing for weddings, playing in coffee shops, taking more lessons, and trying her hand at composition.  Although she can dance when taught, she doesn’t consider herself a great dancer and prefers seeking opportunities to sing, play piano or other related acting roles. Juanita is ecstatic to be a part of this production of great music in the company of accomplished musicians. When not pursuing arts related activities Juanita is passionate about education and works to improve achievement and academic success for life long learners, particularly for those of whom English is their second language.

Juanita Blankumsee (Muse #1),

                                                                                                                                    was born and raised in Washington, DC where her musical gifting was apparent at an early age. Rana began playing the Violin at the age of 4 in the DC Youth Orchestra Program. Her musical ability led her to study many instruments until she began to focus singularly on the Oboe. By the age of 17 Rana had extensively traveled throughout the United States, Canada and many countries, performing Classical music. Soon after her travels, Rana earned a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts/Mass Media. Afterwards she went on to perform professionally in stage and film. On stage Rana proved to be a triple threat, showcasing her remarkable talents as an actor, dancer, and singer. These stage productions include: The Little Shop of Horrors, Dream Girls, where she was cast as Lorell Robinson, Black Nativity, Jelly’s Last Jam and the national tour of Ain't Misbehavin’. Rana has also performed with the likes of Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Holliday, Jeff Majors and Mercedes Ellington, Irene Cara and many more. She has opened for Mary J Blidge, Latoya Luckett of Destiny’s Child, The Gap Band and sang for Inaugural Balls for the President of the United States. Most recently Rana not only recorded with various legendary artists, but also contributed as a songwriter on their upcoming CD's. Rana’s great talent has also been seen on national television, movies, videos and national magazines.

Rana Poindexter Berryman  (Muse #2),

Senobia Smith West
Muse #3

Rex Grigg
George Washington

Alex Siegal
Every Man

                                                                                            Elena Runkle's parents placed her in a musical theater summer camp when she was seven to help her overcome extreme shyness.  They now believe it worked too well.  Elena is pleased to be making her debut with Infinity Stage.  In the past she has performed with the Westmoreland Players, Port Tobacco Players, Christian Youth Theater, Fredericksburg Theater Ensemble, Stage Door Productions and the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts.  Her favorite roles have been Pinocchio inPinocchio  and Black Stache (really) in Peter and the Starcatcher.  Thanks to her chauffeurs, uh, parents for the miles (to include finding her in a Ukranian orphanage when she was two and a half and adopting her) and special thanks to Steven Rodgers for the opportunity.  

Elena Runkle  (Townsperson).

Lily Collier

Sherry Lassiter,  Townsperson, 

.                                                                                                is a native Washingtonian. She is a graduate of National-Louis University, Trinity University-Washington, DC, McDaniel College, Johns Hopkins University, and Argosy University. She is employed full time as an elementary school Reading Specialist in Prince George's County Public Schools where she has worked for 22 years. She also serves on Arts Integration Committee in her school training teachers on planning and implementing lessons integrating the arts in their classroom. She has trained with Studio Theater and has performed in local community theater productions. Sherry is glad to have the opportunity to pursue her passion and lifelong dream of performing on stage. 


Classical and Electric Guitar ...............................Paul Bell
Bass Guitar................................Johnny Castle & Paul Bell
Drums......................................................................Jeff Wolf
Piano...................................................... Steven W Rodgers
                                                                           Kevin  White
Saxophones............................................Young Devereaux
                                                                             Herb Smith
Cello..............................................................  Erin Snedecor
Violins...........................................................Kaitlin Moreno
                                                            Alexandra Cantalupo
                                                                  Natalia Merezhuk        Trumpet....................................................... John Wright III