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Infinity Stage
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 Brown, H.G.       "The Lady Swims Today"          full-length          drama     4m,3w                      

 Corbin, Gary       "Family Hardware"          full-length        comedy   3m,2w                          

 Hoke, Donna    "Flowers in the Desert"     full-length      comedy-drama        1m,1w                   

 England, Gordon & Lisa Farall  "Bill's Funeral"        comedy      1m/4w                     

 Fell, Paula  "The Bench"        comedy      2m/2w                     

Bridge and Tunnel

 Flanagan, Anne          comedy         1m/2w                

 Gravelle, Henry P.  "Girls of the Cookie Farm"         drama          3m/0w                     

 Gravelle, Henry P.  "Sonny"     comedy      3m/1w                     

 Konkel, Matthew   "Walk, Don't Walk"                     comedy      2m/0w                     

 Konkel, Matthew   "Confession Air"                     comedy      2m/2w                     

 Lane, Stacey   "The Naked People Play"                    comedy                  2m/2w                     

 Lane, Stacey   "Rainbow Sprinkles"                     comedy                 1m/1w                     

 Leventman, Aaron   "The Boy"               drama                             2m/0w                     

 Leventman, Aaron  "Confessions of a Character Actor"       dramedy           1m/1w                     

 Mariani, Anthony L.    "Third Window From the Right"  comedy -drama    1m/1w                        

 Mullen, Scott       "Third Window From the Right"        comedy -drama        1m/1w                        

   Pelham, Tony      "Bard Beyond Belief"        comedy         1m/1w /1 either                 

  Perlmutter, Michael      "Surprise!"              comedy         1m/1w /1 either