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It is our pleasure to be able to present new or unfamiliar work to the public instead of the same handful of plays and musicals that are done over and over again until everyone knows every line of dialogue by heart.  We love "Annie" and "Cats" as much as the next theatre-goer, but there is something utterly refreshing about seeing new creative works and exciting new characters come to life on stage, taking us away from the travails and gloom of the real world, if only for a moment.

Next up:  Revolutionary Gentleman: The Rock Opera, satirical, behind-the-scenes look at the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of Benedict Arnold.

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Emily: On the Day Ben and Peggy wed
They came home to find John asleep in thir bed
and although she said:
Peggy: He means nothing to me
Ben:  Still, I couldn't get it out of my head!

Revolutionary Gentleman: The Rock Opera

I Got You, Babe

Coming This November!​​

Liz Colandene, Cameron Lee Conlan and Laura Whittenberg in Steven W Rodgers'  "Revolutionary Gentleman." 

Just That Sort of Day

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Short Play Festival

Bard Beyond Belief​​

The Bench​​

Black Friday

The Surprise